I'm Marcin, a FOSS enthusiast, an all-around code artificer. Glad to have you visit my page!

I'm familiar with, and enjoy learning all sorts of interesting or useful tools, particularly of the CLI or TUI kind. I'm a Rustacean at heart, with a preference for modern languages like Zig, Elixir etc.

I'm vocally uninterested in any cryptocurrency, "Web3", or similar topics. There are various resources that can help understand why it's, in simple terms, essentially bullshit.

I'm also a volunteer package maintainer for a handful of Void Linux packages.

In my leisure time I play video games, mostly indie. These include Dead Cells, Slay the Spire, CrossCode, Terraria and many others.

Also music! I listen to many genres, for example see my sovietwave playlist. Bonus: check out coolmodfiles.com for gems from the Amiga music composing era.


A special mention, advent of code is a programming event happening each year in the Christmas season.

For me it's an opportunity to challenge myself, learn new languages or techniques etc.

Check out my solutions:

I also made a tiny tool called arrive that takes away the boilerplate of interacting with the AOC website (input, submitting solutions).