Things that I hacked together.

This is by no means an exhaustive record of my contributions, but I can safely call this list my own creations.


Convenience wrapper for the xbps package manager (for Void Linux).

Leverages Rust's excellent commandline args parsing ecosystem to manage arguments and subcommands with little boilerplate, allows to automatically generate shell completion scripts.


Utility for basic interactions with Advent of Code.

AoC isn't known for an approachable API; this tool (like many others :P) attempts to give a CLI user an easier time by automating away problem input downloads and solution submissions.

Highlights: filesystem handling, HTTP client tailored to specific needs, UNIX philosophy applied


Solver for the Strata puzzle game.

The solver itself is dead-simple; this project aims to stand apart when it comes to the design of an application: separated CLI interface <-> library architecture, reusing code from libraries, informative error handling etc.

It also shows off some clean and slick Rust.


Toy proc macro for automatically generating try return expressions/statements and anyhow type wrappers in your functions.

Writing proc macros is usually an activity reserved for library developers rather than end-user applications, but it can turn out to be a fun learning experience.

Also, this shows proc-macros (hopefully) in a slightly less intimidating light.


Demonstration-grade terminal audio visualizer.

This project spans a variety of interesting topics:

  • Capturing system audio for visualization
  • Writing a set of Rust bindings for the underlying math processing library (libcava-rs)
  • Creating terminal user interfaces


Terminal-based minesweeper clone.

Originally started as enimdnal, then ported to TUI. I'm a minesweeper fan BTW :)